Endorsers (Partial Listing):

Individual Endorsers:
John Barry, Centre for Progressive Economics, UK
Victoria Bruce, USA
Noam Chomsky, MIT, USA
Patrick Deer, New York University, USA
Jonathan M. FeldmanStockholm University, Sweden 
Frank Emspak
,Workers Independent News, USA
Jen Forti, The Peoples’ Republics, USA 

Bruce K. GagnonGlobal Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space, USA
Al HaberMovement for a Democratic Society, USA
Dana Harvey, Mandela MarketPlace, USA
Thea Harvey, Economists for Peace and Security, USA
Nathan I. Kleinman, Free University of Philadelphia Working Group, Occupy Philadelphia, USA
Gar W. LipowUSA
Dada Maheshvarananda, Prout Institute of Venezeula, VENEZUELA  
Larry Martin, Sustainable Community Initiatives, Washington, D.C., USA
Nina Lynn Meyerhoff, USA
Suren Moodlar, Massachusetts Global Action, USA 
Noel Ortega, Institute for Policy Studies, USA
Jon Rynn, USA 
Linda Schade, Founder, Voters for Peace/Prosperity Agenda, USA 
Mary Beth SullivanGlobal Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space, USA
David Swanson, War Is A Crime .org, USA


Organizational Endorsers:
Alliance for Democracy-PortlandUSA
Americans Who Tell the TruthUSA
Arc Ecology, USA
Architects/Designers/Planners for Social Responsibility, USA
California Construction Academy, UCLA, USA
Chicago Political Economy Group, USA
COWS, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Jobs with Justice Portland, USA
Machiah Center, USA
Occupy Ann Arbor, USA
Occupy PortlandUSA
Planners Network, Cornell University, USA 
Stockholm Institute for International Affairs, Stockholm, Sweden
The Democracy Collaborative, University of Maryland, USA
The Peoples’ Republics, USA

United Electrical Workers, USA