Technical information on the broadcast

Questions and Answers about the Global Teach-In Broadcast for Local Teach-Ins

By Ryan Tebo and Jonathan M. Feldman, March 15, 2012


Question 1. Who can organize a local teach-in?


Answer 1: Groups contacting the global organizers and coordinating with us, can do this but the deadline for participating is soon approaching. At this juncture, we have a very limited number of speaking slots, with all slots soon to be filled. Other groups can listen via a livestream web site that will be posted here in the next few weeks.


Question 2. What are the room requirements for those holding a local teach-in?


Answer 2: You will need a screen and a video projection system with an internet connection if your local teach-in has a speaking role. Other sites without “speaking roles” can simply log in to the livestream broadcast. Those localities having speaking roles, should preferably have an ethernet cable connection for at least one of their internet connections. The upload and download stream should be at a minimum 5 Mbits.


Question 3. What equipment and other communications infrastructure is needed for those teach-ins with speaking roles?


Answer 3: First, you will need two computers. One computer is dedicated to connect with ClickWebinar. The other computer should be connected to Skype so that local teach-ins can communicate with the central organizing group in Stockholm, Sweden. Second, you will also need a camera that is: (a) external to the computer, (b) as good a quality as possible and is also useable as a webcam. If you don’t have a camera, this will diminish the visual quality of your broadcast to the teach-in network. Third, you will need a microphone, preferably a wireless microphone that is portable and can be used by different speakers within your location. Fourth, you will need to provide us with three mobile phone numbers: (a) the mobile phone which your technical/broadcast “interface” person can use; (b) a backup mobile phone number for the key organizer in charge; and (c) the mobile phone number for the speaker or speakers participating in the broadcast.


Question 4: How does a local teach-in log into the ClickWebinar system?


Answer 4: Each local teach-in should register for this system after one of your principal organizers receives an invitation from us. We will email directions to one of your principal organizers within a week’s time.

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  1. I would like to start this in Denver, Colorado. How can we participate for the April 25 event? Can you contact me?